A library for creating and managing validation guards.
Updated 2024-05-30 20:09:41 +00:00
A library enabling enhanced logging in browser development tools.
Updated 2024-05-30 15:59:53 +00:00
A high-performance storage solution for web applications using IndexedDB.
Updated 2024-05-29 12:17:49 +00:00
A library for setting up basic properties of a web page including meta tags, OpenGraph tags, JSON-LD structured data, with support for dynamic content.
Updated 2024-05-29 12:17:46 +00:00
A module for making secure web requests from browsers with support for caching and fault tolerance.
Updated 2024-05-29 12:17:44 +00:00
A package for handling JWTs in web environments.
Updated 2024-05-29 12:17:39 +00:00
A better non-polluting global module for efficient in-browser communication.
Updated 2024-05-29 12:17:36 +00:00
A library to detect web environments and PWA installation status within a browser.
Updated 2024-05-29 12:17:34 +00:00
A flexible task management library supporting TypeScript, allowing for task buffering, scheduling, and execution with dependency management.
Updated 2024-05-29 12:17:29 +00:00
An extension for tapbundle that adds filesystem functionalities.
Updated 2024-05-29 12:17:28 +00:00
A test automation library bundling utilities and tools for TAP (Test Anything Protocol) based testing, specifically tailored for tapbuffer.
Updated 2024-05-29 12:17:25 +00:00
A module for smart handling of YAML data with support for converting between YAML strings and JavaScript objects.
Updated 2024-05-29 12:17:21 +00:00
A package for creating and parsing XML formatted files.
Updated 2024-05-29 12:17:20 +00:00
A package for executing WHOIS requests and processing domain and IP information.
Updated 2024-05-29 12:17:17 +00:00
A TypeScript library for easy interaction with WebDAV servers, including file and directory management.
Updated 2024-05-29 12:17:14 +00:00
A module for creating a virtual host (vhost) layer to manage multiple SmartExpress instances.
Updated 2024-05-29 12:17:10 +00:00
A library to handle semantic versioning with ease.
Updated 2024-05-29 12:17:07 +00:00
A wrapper for performing validations using the validator package.
Updated 2024-05-29 12:17:06 +00:00
A library for parsing URLs in a detailed and flexible way.
Updated 2024-05-29 12:17:03 +00:00
A library designed to facilitate smarter update notifications and checking for Node.js projects.
Updated 2024-05-29 12:16:59 +00:00