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Grasberg, Germany, Europe, Earth
A minimalistic, distributed, and extensible logging tool supporting centralized log management.
Updated 2024-07-08 10:42:17 +00:00
A TypeScript library offering simple and cloud-agnostic object storage with advanced features like bucket creation, file and directory management, and data streaming.
Updated 2024-07-04 16:39:31 +00:00
Provides comprehensive tools for efficient file management in Node.js using TypeScript, including handling streams, virtual directories, and various file operations.
Updated 2024-06-23 21:59:11 +00:00
A library for simple promises and Deferred constructs with TypeScript support.
Updated 2024-06-23 21:46:44 +00:00
A smart wrapper for nodegit that simplifies Git operations in Node.js.
Updated 2024-06-23 21:42:53 +00:00
Provides utilities for advanced time handling including cron jobs, timestamps, intervals, and more.
Updated 2024-06-23 21:30:18 +00:00
A TypeScript-based ODM (Object-Document Mapper) for ClickHouse databases, with support for creating and managing tables and their data.
Updated 2024-06-23 11:41:46 +00:00
A tool to bake commit information into code for tracking and version control.
Updated 2024-06-23 10:57:26 +00:00
Enhances npm with additional configuration and tool management capabilities, including a key-value store for project setups.
Updated 2024-06-19 17:03:29 +00:00
An advanced library for NoSQL data organization and manipulation using TypeScript with support for MongoDB, data validation, collections, and custom data types.
Updated 2024-06-18 18:12:18 +00:00
A TypeScript-based ACME client with an easy yet powerful interface for LetsEncrypt certificate management.
Updated 2024-06-16 11:56:35 +00:00
A library to integrate Smartlog logging with ClickHouse database for efficient log storage and querying.
Updated 2024-06-14 20:03:09 +00:00
A library for working with archive files, providing utilities for compressing and decompressing data.
Updated 2024-06-08 12:48:28 +00:00
Provides a wrapper for native AsyncLocalStorage to manage continuation-local storage.
Updated 2024-06-06 17:20:33 +00:00
Defines interfaces for the smartlog ecosystem.
Updated 2024-06-06 14:48:58 +00:00